It’s not unusual for us to have supplied blinds to three or four generations of the same family, something we are very grateful for and also very proud of, because it means we’re doing it right!!
We manufacture pretty much every product ourselves, and 99% of the time you will have your blinds manufactured and installed within 7 - 14 days of placing an order. Of course, as we manufacture nearly all our blinds ourselves, we have some control over these timings, (for instance, if you’re moving into a nice new home and have nothing up at your windows, or Aunt Matilda has decided to turn up unexpectedly giving you three days notice).
I can personally guarantee our blinds will be of excellent quality, I can guarantee that our fitter will take his shoes off or wear shoe covers, I can guarantee that there will be no hard sell or pressure to buy at any time, but what I can’t guarantee is that we will always be the cheapest. Nor would I want to be, because to be the cheapest corners have to be cut somewhere, and I’m not comfortable with doing that. We have a policy when we are making our blinds that “if you wouldn’t have it in your own house, it doesn’t go out the door”…. That policy seems to stand us in very good stead!! We stand by our products and our reputation, and will always have that mindset.
How to find us. By Car:Please use postcode CM16 4AQ (use house number 118 if needed) and this will get you to our show stall. By Train: You can come and see us in person at our show stall in Epping Market every Monday. You can get there by London Underground Tube Service, Epping Station. We are located in the High Street